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Ralf  Baum

Hi Ellen,

there is no simple answer here. It depends on what kind of courses you would like to produce.

If you want to produce courses with interaktive elements (you can bulid them from scratch) you should choose Storyline.

If you already have PowerPoints and you would like to convert them then Studio is a better choice. In Studio usually you must use PowerPoint for starting.

Best regards

Joshua Roberts

In my brutally honest opinion Ellen you need to go for Storyline.

It's going to be a steeper learning curve but you will outgrow Studio eventually and then it becomes another expensive purchase. Go with Storyline and let your creativity run wild. 

You'll have plenty of fantastic help through this forum to keep you going too.

Ralf  Baum

Hi Joshua,

in 90% of all cases I'll agree with you without any kind of doubt. But I know same cases in larger companies where other structures exist. In these cases the person who publish the final file is not the person who has built the training. e.g. the SME builts a PPTX and sends it to the developer. The task of the developer is just to publish the files with a minimum of extra effort because the developer receives 3 or 5 trainings a day. In these cases Studio 13 would be matching option.

But this is really a minority of cases.