Storyline 2 vs Captivate 9 vs Anything else?

Jun 07, 2016

So I have Storyline 2 and don't use it anywhere near as much as I should. Recently it's been due to lack of relevant projects that really warrant it and doing the other side of my role (face to face sessions). 

However I was asked about creating some interactive videos for training on our VLE and opened up Storyline 2. I found that it recorded the screen and allowed me to click hotspots to progress the video, however I wanted a more interactive session that would allow for the frame work of the VLE to be used but they must input the information themselves and feel like they are using the site but in a "safe space". 

I seem to remember Captivate doing something similar when I used it years ago, so am looking at getting a trial of 9 to see if will work. 

However, am I missing an opportunity in Storyline? Is there something else other people use to create these training interactions?

Have people found better ways to inform and engage than doing follow through demos, as I was never a huge fan of them, but it seems that is something we are being asked for as part of a competency framework to help assess new staff and students and allow them to progress in using the VLE.


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Tom. I'll let other folks chime in with their thoughts around Captivate's screen recording capabilities since I haven't used the tool in quite a long time. Storyline 2 does offer some nice features for creating software sims. My favorite thing is that you don't have to decide on a recording mode (i.e., a single video, demo mode, or test mode) before you record. This means you can change your mind about how you want to use your screen recordings and you can reuse one recording in different modes without having to go back and re-record. 

Nicole Legault wrote a nice article on this topic: Why Use Storyline for Software Simulations? that might give you some further insights into Storyline 2's capabilities in this area. She also wrote an article that walks through the various recording modes: Storyline Step-by-Step Slides: View, Try, and Test Modes.

Tom Langston

No, This is a video I produced in Camtasia when I update the videos I want to start making them interactive objects to. 

So in Captivate I know that I record the screen but then the interaction is them filling in the boxes that I had filled in. 

So far it seems that Articulate just allows for triggers to be set to play the next phase of the video.

I also found in my first trial, I created a video of logging into the VLE, but because of how the video played out the click option would not work and I could not get the video to start playing to complete the text being typed for the click option to be relevant.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tom

see if this tutorial answers some questions for you.

If you use try it mode:

You can add, edit, and delete step-by-step slides, and you can modify the captions, hotspots, data-entry fields, mouse movements, and feedback layers that were automatically generated for you. You can even change the starting and ending frames for each slide in the Action Fine Tuning editor.

Tom Langston

So this is a quick point and click version. However I want to have more interaction with the boxes. 

Would you think to keep as point and click as this or would you add the video section as a slide in another interaction. For instance the learner sees up to a point on the video and has to do a drag and drop interaction of the next step?

Also the output video size is small and hard to actually see and interact with. I have set my articualte settings to scale up in the browser window etc..

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