Storyline 3 Vs Storyline 360

Jan 31, 2017

If I purchase Storyline 2 as I won't have to subscribe every year is that better then buying 360? Basically how long will it take to phase out Storyline 2? 

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Kristin Jorgensen

Hi Deb!  That's a great question, and one we get asked frequently on the Success Team. 

We haven’t set a firm date yet for the new perpetual version of Storyline, but it will be released some time in 2017. We’ll share news of the date as soon as it’s set. Keep in mind that perpetual versions of Storyline won't include integration with the Articulate 360 web apps, such as Content Library and Articulate Review, so if those tools are important to you, then Articulate 360 is the way to go. We realize that a subscription isn't right for everyone, and as of now there are no plans to stop supporting and updating perpetual Storyline.

I hope that helps! 

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