Storyline Drag and Drop doesn't allow for stacking grading

I have created a drag and drop quiz, which asks the user to drop several objects on top of each other in a specific order. Imagine you have bird's eye view of some burger ingredients, and the user needs to drag the ingredients onto a single plate and stack them in the CORRECT order, starting with the bottom bun, then the lettuce, then the patty...and so on. 

My problem is that Storyline is grading this quiz as CORRECT, even if the user places the patty on the bottom, then the top bun, then the lettuce, there any way to make Storyline consider the stacking order in it's grading? 

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David Anderson

Hi Gabriel - One thing you could consider is breaking your drag-drop into multiple interactions where you use one interaction for each step in the drag-drop process.

Here's an example of a Content Library interaction converted into a sequence or step-by-step interaction: For what you're trying to do, I'd disable the correct/incorrect feedback so the interaction feels more like a single event.

So for your food preparation activity, I'd present the food items to the learner and ask them to "Drag the first food item to the bun" and continue from there.

A more advanced way would be to disable the built-in scoring and feedback (Form View) and set up triggers to modify custom states for your burger graphic.