Storyline for Performance Support

Jun 11, 2013

Has anyone used Storyline to create performance support? I would love to hear about what you have developed. Thank you.

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David Janus

Hello Lynn, we have done various projects for our clients to help train their employees on products, systems, and business processes.  In my mind the main differentiator between 'training' and 'performance support' lies in when they take place.  Training normally happens before someone tries to use a product, system, or process, while performance support usually occurs while they are using a product or system or trying to complete a process, and they need that 'just in time' learning to help them finish or complete a task.

Can you elaborate on what performance support means to you in this case?  Or how you are thinking of using Storyline to accomplish this?

Natalia Mueller

Hi Lynn,

We did something like this. We needed to create training for a new system but wanted to also provide JIT/On-Demand options for after go live. I wanted to use Storyline for all of it in hopes that we could limit as much duplication as possible. So far it's worked really well.

What we did was use Storyline's screen recording feature to create short tutorials by topic. These we were able to provide immediately to our beta testers. Then during the training phase that went out to a wider audience, these were inserted in the full courses. Because we recorded them using Storyline, we were able to use the same recording to convert into View and Try modes so the learners could "practice" within the course. Now we have the full courses in the LMS for anyone requiring a more comprehensive training and the individual tutorials posted separately for anyone that needs a quick review for how to do complete a specific task without getting a lot of additional context they don't need right then. 

I'm happy to provide more details if you're interested


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