Storyline or Studio for a course on a web portal?

Jul 29, 2014

Hello Heroes

When deciding whether to develop a course in Storyline or Studio - what would the benefits/drawbacks / things to consider be if a client needed a course based on a web portal - not an LMS? The client has no preference for how its developed. The course requires interactivity, online quiz and possibly certificate sent to the learner if they passed / failed.


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Troy Broas

Hi Lucia!

I don't think publishing to a portal as opposed to an LMS will really have much of an impact on which tool you should use because in the end, both tools are able to publish for hosting on an LMS or a website/portal.

If it was a project I was working on, I would most likely pick Storyline because it is a little but more versatile than Studio. Having said that, if the design that you have in mind for the course (including interactivity quizzing etc...) can all be built in Studio, then go with Studio since it's still the quicker of the two ways to develop (assuming that your client wants this project completed sooner rather than later, as clients usually do ).

I hope this helps and good luck! :)


Layton Fogah

Hello Lucia,

I stumbled across your post and agree with what Troy posted above. Personally my preference would be Storyline because I prefer a standalone product vs a Microsoft Plugin tool. As long as your client has the content more or less complete it should be a breeze to create your project in your Storyline regardless of the end platform. (LMS/Web Portal)

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