Storyline - Quiz Fail, Course Exit and Reset.

Apr 12, 2024

Hi there Heros,

having a problem with course completion when quiz fails and hoping someone has the solution. I seem to be hitting a wall. 

We have built the course with quiz questions peppered through out the course. We give the learner two chances to get the quiz question correct. If they fail to get 80% we want to have the course end and when they return to the course it is reset at the beginning to retake as if new. At the end, the results slide has a pass/fail layer. If they pass then move to the next slide, but if they fail it should end and reset when they click on the Exit/Close button. 

To do this, we have the fail layer say, "you failed" and we added a Exit/close button. For the pass layer, they go onto a final completion slide and then at the end of the course have a Exit/close button. 

If they pass, the course completes when they click the Exit/Close button which has the Trigger "Exit Course"  assigned to it, the course closes as expected and they start it again as new. The problem is if they fail, when they fail and click on the Exit/Close button, and return to the course, the course resumes on the fail slide where they exited....I can't seem to make the course reset and restart. I've added three triggers to the fail layer to try and resolve ("Complete course as Incomplete/Failed" - "Restart Course" - and "Exit Course") but when I exit the course and go back, I'm still at the failure layer and the course isn't restarted. In the publishing I also tried changing the LMS Reporting from "Passed/Incomplete" to "Passed/Failed" with no luck. 

Ultimately, we would like to have the course reset when they fail so it is restricted navigation again so the learner has to go through the course again. (not able to jump forward as it was already viewed)

Any suggestions on how to resolve so that course resets would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Judy Nollet

The Player's Resume options control what happens when someone exits and then returns to a course. 

You can only pick one option. In other words, you can't let the user resume where they left off if they exit from some slides, but force them to restart from the beginning if they exit from another slide. 

If the built-in Menu is included in a Restricted course, whatever slides were previously viewed will be unrestricted when the user resumes the course. So the user would be able to jump to any previously viewed slide via the Menu. The only way to prevent that is to not include the built-in Menu in the course. (Another option would be to have the course marked as Failed, and require the LMS folks to reset it. But the ability to do that depends on your LMS--and whether the folks who run it are also willing to do the extra work of resetting courses.)

So let's say you don't use the built-in Menu. You're still concerned about resuming at your Failure layer. I suggest you simply put a button on that layer that jumps to the beginning of the course. After all, some folks might want to re-start the course right away. Otherwise, they can exit and resume there later.