Storyline Template - Menu to Track Learner Progress

Mar 03, 2013

Hello fellow Storyline users,

I created a demo file in Storyline for a screencast I recorded and figured I may as well share my file here, in case it can be put to good use by someone. It is a 5-slide .story file, with a menu that allows learners to visually track their progress in a course using states, variables, and triggers (which have all been set up).


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Nicole Legault

Thank you for the nice feedback David, Showemimo, Marta, Simon, Prakash and Raye. =) Glad you all like it!

Tom -- thank you for sharing the name and download link for the font. I'll remember to do that next time I share something!

Carla - the screencast I created doesn't show the magic behind the template but it does show the magic behind how to easily add the states, variables, and triggers needed to let the users see their progress. It's my first ever screencast so don't judge me too harshly but here it is:

Kimberly Valliere


1) Copy/Paste the radio buttons that are already in the course since it already has the states.

2) Create additional True-False variables for clicking visiting the new lesson pages.  Make them initially false.  Like VisitedLesson2Content, VisitedLesson2Review, VisitedLesson2Review, etc for the additional lessons you want to include.

3) On each of the lesson pages, add a trigger that changes its corresponding variable (as created above) to "true."  Make this trigger the first one listed for each button.

4) For each of the lesson radio buttons, add another trigger.  This trigger should be listed LAST in the triggers for each button.  Have this button change the state of your radio buttons to completed and with the conditions to do this when VisitedLesson2Content = true.

Does this make sense?

Try this

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