Storyline vs. Rise

Jan 18, 2023

I am in the process of developing user training for our companies Security Risk Management system.  The goal is to have it completed and assigned to employees by end of 1Q.  I am stuck however in trying to determine which product would be better.  I have more experience using Rise, but need to get out of my comfort zone and use Storyline also.  It also is not about what is easier for me, but which will provide a better learning experience.  Has anyone developed system training using Rise?  With all the available options Storyline has for creativity, would that be a better tool to have user's "practice" using the system or providing case scenarios?   Thank you for any thoughts you may have.  

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Bianca Woods

Hi Dianne! Thinking about ways to stretch your skills is always worth pondering—as is considering which projects are the best ones to use for that stretch.

Storyline 360 is often an excellent fit for anything involving software training. That's because the Record Screen feature is an easy way to record video tutorials. And even better, you can also turn those recordings into interactive tutorials and practice in just a few clicks with the Step-By-Step Slides feature. Both those features are quite newbie-friendly, so this might be a good way to get started with Storyline 360. And there's no reason you couldn't also add case scenario slides to that learning experience too.

That said, Rise 360 can also work well for this topic. Obviously it's easy to include the case scenario content you mentioned in a Rise 360 course. But you can also record video tutorials with Peek 360 or Replay 360—they're both straightforward to use if you haven't checked them out yet—and add them to your course to provide more information about the new system. You can use knowledge check blocks to help people try out their new knowledge. And if you want to give your learners more hands-on practice but don't want to commit to building an entire course in Storyline 360, there's a block that can help. Make a few practice activities in Storyline 360 with the Step-By-Step Slides feature and then embed them in your Rise 360 course using the Storyline Block.

So on the plus side, you can create an effective learning experience no matter which option you go with. It's just a matter of what you think is the better fit for your audience and the project timeline.

Dianne Ospina

Hi Bianca,

Thank you so much for your informative reply.  You brought up some excellent points about both products.  I especially liked your suggestion about using Storyline for practice activities using the Step-by-Step feature and then embed them in my Rise course.  That approach is a great way to get started using Storyline and getting over my "new user" fears.    

Have a great day!