Strategy for Rolling out New eLearning

Apr 10, 2017

I am working on developing a training strategy for my team to use when we have a new elearning module to roll out to our manufacturing groups.  Hoping to get advice on best practices when rolling out a new eLearning.  We usually post on our internal intranet site but the new modules often get overlooked. Thanks!

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Bob S

Hi Suzanne,

Do you do any internal marketing? Couple proven approaches are:

  •  A Competition - Which team will get the highest score/first to complete/most completions/etc
  • A Personal Challenge - So you think you are an expert? and add a sample (hard) question to the marketing
  • A Bandwagon - X% of your coworkes have already done it, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend this training/etc
  • A Testimonial - Well known employees, influencers/leaders, recognized experts, etc provide quote for why take the training

Hope this helps,



Dave Ferguson

In the tips from Nicole Legault that Allison shared, the first one is Identify What's in It for Learners.

Most learners aren't interested in elearning because it's elearning. They're not interested in it because it's a chosen strategy. And for the most part they're not that interested in new corporate developments ("We've redesigned our website!" "We've got a new benefits provider!").

All these things are features -- descriptions of the thing. At work, people are most interested in benefits -- when they use whatever the thing is, they get results that are valuable to them.

Find the benefits for your learners, and promote those.

"With our redesigned production system, you can find product specs in half the time. And you can save your own set-up notes for the next run."

"With Acme Health Benefits, you can arrange direct deposit, so you'll get any reimbursement within 24 hours."


Bob S

While I 100% agree that highlighting WIIFM is key,  it's also important to remember that sometimes there are also other reasons to take training...

For example, in a manufacturing environment as above, just appealing to someone's drive for self-development may not be enough. So offering free pizza to the work group(s) with the highest % of completion can help drive compliance through the roof (btw - best $50 we ever spent).

This is where the business pragmatist in me fights with the training guy in me that believes everyone will take the time to learn if they just understand the benefit. With a blended approach to internal marketing/learning culture  they can both be right. :) :)

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