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Nov 02, 2012


I have a quick question.  I see where new users will be getting a free upgrade to Studio'13 when it comes out if they buy it today.  Do those of us who use these products religiously, refer them to others, and even secure sales of both Studio '09 and Storyline get this special deal as well?  I realy believe these are exceptional products and would like to continue promoting their use.



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Mereki White

Steve Flowers said:

@Bob S - I think it's a calm before the storm, Bob Fantastic stuff happening - stuff beta testers can't talk about.

@Mereki - Have you tried a folder synchronization utility? Something like Dropbox or Sugarsync? Best of both worlds. Still get to work locally but all work is shared to anyone connected to the shared folder. I use Dropbox for all of my stuff. It's a lifesaver.

Forgive me for my ignorance, I haven't used drop box before... mostly because we are a largeish organisation and tend to go for internal storage options instead.  Are you telling me that you basically create the original powerpoint using dropbox, almost like it's a 'drive', and then store the .intr and .quiz files in the same place, and the links from the PPT to them work?  For everyone who logs in to that box?  If so, it may be worth me pursuing with out IT people as it's the constant re-building of those links which drives us nuts...

Miikka Niiranen

Hi everybody,

I looked at the upgrade options and noticed that it seems not to be possible to switch from Articulate Studio Pro 09 to Articulate Studio Standard 13 (which is exactly what I would want to do). However, if you've owned only Articulate Studio Standard so far, it is possible to upgrade to Standard 13.

The thing is that my job does not require the use of Engage and if saving those couple of hundred bucks in the license is possible, I'd be interested. Is it possible?

Mereki White

Hi, a question for staff...

We are just waiting on new product keys for Studio 13, so I'm digging around to see what I can find out about fixes for previous issues.  Can I assume the previous issue of captivate-authored files not working well with Studio 9 have been overcome?  There was a workaround where you could have it open the video in a new window, but we could never get the video to work on a slide.  If this has been solved, I will go back and re-author a number of pieces as soon as I get the keys.

I'm also wondering if the issues of saving to shared folders have been solved - we have no end of problems trying to share files, and don't have the option of external services such as drop box.  How do I find out what's been fixed this time around?  The product page is exciting, but doesn't say much.... 

Thanks for your help

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