Storyline Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365

Aug 08, 2016

Our organization is transitioning to Office365 which integrates an upgrade of Microsoft 2016.  Will this impact any Articulate products, especially Studio '13, since it is power point based?

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Danny Weiner

I'm using a local version of Office 365 (with PowerPoint 2016) and Articulate studio 13. Presenter keeps crashing after I click on Publish, Preview, or Player settings. When it does not crash, it makes PowerPoint lose focus; i.e. you get a Windows warning sound anytime you click anywhere in PowerPoint, as if there is a dialog box open in the background (although I did not find one).

Tried reinstalling AS-13. It did not help.

Any ideas?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Danny.  I'm sorry that's happening to you!  It sounds like you are meeting system requirements for Presenter '13, to start.  So, basically any of your Articulate tab buttons are causing some sort of disfunction.  Reinstalling was a good first step; thanks for doing your troubleshooting.

Three things come to my mind-- first, I would want to know if this is happening on every single file or just one in particular.  That would help us narrow our focus.  

Secondly, I would want to make sure that when you are going through these repair steps, that you are running the installation as administrator and rebooting between steps.  You might have been already, but I just wanted to highlight those parts!

And lastly, have a look at your add-ins permissions in PowerPoint.  You can get some help making sure that PowerPoint is allowing Articulate to function in this article.

Keep us posted on how you make out.  Thanks, Danny.

Danny Weiner

Crystal, thanks for replying.

Presenter crashes even with a new empty/blank presentation file. When clicking on the buttons, it asks to save the file first. Once saved it shows the following "Articulate Presenter '13 has stopped working". Then, when dismissing this message, PowerPoint remains open but, as mentioned, it acts like a dialog box is running in the background and prevents from doing anything else. 

I followed your suggestion (and instructions), and double-checked both the repair steps and add-in settings. Everything seems to be right.

Please advise.

Crystal Horn

That's disappointing; sorry, Danny.  Ok, let's give you a hand.  Our support engineers will have the ability to take a deeper look at your setup, including reviewing your system logs, to try to identify where the breakdown is occurring.  You can connect with them here, and be sure to also let them know your Windows and PowerPoint versions.  If you want to update this discussion with your case number, I'll be sure to follow along too for updates.

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