Subway Commercial Inspiration

Apr 01, 2011

It''s been a long hard winter here in Wisconsin. Warmer spring weather is taking its sweet time getting here.

Here is another TV inspired design, this one from the Subway breakfast commercial.

I've always wanted to try to create a pop-up book style design and this one was close, so I gave it a shot. If I had PPT2010 I could have easily added some texture to the fields, etc or I could have done it in Photoshop, but I just ran out of gas.


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Sarah Newman

Doug, that is such a cool design! You really did a great job of taking the Subway inspiration and making it work in PowerPoint and Articulate. I bet the community (myself included) would love a quick Screenr post explaining how you did it!

I'm curious... did you use clip art for the graphics, or are those some you made yourself/had made? Also, how long did it take you to create this screen? I commented earlier today on another user's post about estimating design and development time, and I think this screen is a great example of one that probably wouldn't fit into a development time equation (like they every really do!). I bet it took a while to figure out how to put everything together to get the right effect, but then again you might be able to give us tips on how to save time when creating a cool screen like this one!

Doug Mattson

Thanks Sarah!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  I was gone for a week to DC with my daughter on her 8th grade class trip.

I made about 50% of it in PowerPoint by drawing shapes (clouds, hills, sun, sun rays).  The rest were images I used from an online stockphoto library and then did a little work in Photoshop.  You are correct in that it took me a while to get the shadows and movement just right.  Sometimes, if I'm working with an image I like I can enlarge the image and then begin drawing and adding images right on top of it (sort of like onion skinning)...but this was a video clip and I had to keep playing the video over and over, etc. in order to get all of the elements working similarly to how they were in the video.  I didn't keep close tabs on how long it took me from start to finish, but I think it probably took around 8hrs.  Some of that time was spent doing a little trouble shooting because something in PPT went haywire for a while...but I got it back again. 

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