no audio in exported mp4

Apr 16, 2013

I have used Storyline to make a short "commercial" for my company. The commercial needs to be uploaded to Youtube and will also be featured on the landing page of our website. I built the commercial as a series of screen recordings and screenshots. I then recorded the entire course as one screen recording and exported this file as an mp4 so I could upload it. The only problem is that it didn't pick up any audio.

Any ideas?

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Jill Blaser

Yes, my speakers are working. I appreciate you starting with that though. It could be a huge time saver. 

When I recorded the original video I did the audio separately. Would that make a difference? I recorded the audio on one file and split the sections as I needed. I added each section of audio to the appropriate slide. So audio and video are two separate items in the timeline. 

Jill Blaser

I just tried using screenr as well, and it didn't capture any of the audio. I'm guessing now that it's because I didn't record the audio while I recorded the screen in the original version. 

That's frustrating. I think I'm going to have to re-record all of my audio while I make the screen recording. I'm hoping you'll tell me differently...

Jill McNair

Another Jill here with the same issue...did you figure anything out?  I have created a presentation on 1 slide with 15 layers.  There is background music on the base slide and carefully timed audio and animations on the layers.  I have tried to record with Replay and Storyline, but the audio is not recorded.  Any way to record this presentation that includes the audio?  Any ideas would be appreciated!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jill M,

Here's what I found in Jill B's support case:

"When you export a screen recording, it will not include the audio that you imported or recorded separately to Storyline. Ideally, narrate your audio while recording your screen so you have both these elements when you export the screen recording to MP4. 

Also, you can publish the .STORY course then open the story.swf file. The SWF will have the screen recording alongside the audio."

I'm not sure if that did the trick for her - but she seemed pleased with the response :)

Have you already tried checking the SWF file?


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