using mp4 audio in storyline

Dec 05, 2022

My audio files are in mp4 format. unfortunately, I can only use insert>video to add the audio to a slide. Even though it is on the timeline below the actual video, it shows a black (blank) image on the screen when the preview plays. How can i use mp4 as audio in my slides where it won't show any blank (black) video? BTW, i realize mp4 is a video format. Anyway, can separate the audio from video in storyline and delete video?  Is there a work around to make this work?

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Jeff Conn


Thank you so much. Changing the file extension from .mp4 to .m4a made the file available to load and play in my project. Using this solution, there is no blank video to interfere with my slide image.


Thank you for your reply. I had been using VLC media player to convert .mp4 to .mp3, however, i was hoping to avoid this additional workload step. Jurgen's solution made it very easy to solve my problem.