Sunday Silliness...(for anyone with cats and/or dogs)

Apr 03, 2011

On the basis that I am not really very proficient with graphics software, I give you my version of Friday Fun - a short informational course, (posted on Sunday as I am away on vacation this week....).

It's got no bullets, some branching, invisible slides, and I really feel it should qualify me for a "Guru in Training" (GIT) award.

If you have either of these pets - you know it's all true

How to Give a Pill to a Cat or Dog


PS - I also need to know ehether this should be in my formal "portfolio" or not ?

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Bruce Graham

Rob Brownfield said:

Locve it! LOL More please.

Perhaps "How to get your daughter up for school" or "How to tell your daughter for the hundreth time that she is NOT getting a horse for christmas!"

Thanks Rob - glad you liked it.

I may work on those when have completed current project entitled "How to get 14-year old daughter to stop saying LIKE twice in every sentence...".


Kristen Hull

A little bit off-topic, but I must say...  As of yesterday, I was supposed to start giving my cat a pill twice a day for TWO WEEKS.  I kept thinking about your eLearning session-such a perfect summary of my experience!  After a 20 minute battle with my cat (which she won), I called the vet and switched out the pill for drops. 

Bruce Graham

Will try peanut butter - he's fave is cheese at the moment

I am not a doggy-person, but admit I am quite smitteen

He appears to have come at 10 weeks almost "pre-trained", does "sit", "stay", "give", and "stop eating my foot you little b****r" all without our guidance.

He eats the catfood, the cats eat his food, the cats now live at least 4 feet off the ground. Life is (probably) as it should be.

He's a Cavachon - Cavalier/Bishon Frisee cross. Fat bum, stumpy legs.a tail like a banana, and teeth like Satan. Sleeps on my feet all day, even when recording, so very quiet, and also hypo-allergenic/no shedding.

Quite fun really :)


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