.swf not playing in IE10

Aug 16, 2013


I'm new to Storyline and am stuck. My course has a few .swf animations. Everything is working fine in Chrome, Firefox and IE 8, however when users view in IE10, the .swf files don't play and the course gets 'stuck' because the subsequent actions (reveal next button for example) don't happen.

What do you feel is the best work around?

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Michael Grady

This may be a Flash issue... have you tried clearing out your IE cache?  I've been working with interactive .swf files in Storyline and have run into similar problems.  When I published and Viewed the project, it will work fine; but when run from an online site (such as SCORM Cloud) previous/random .swf files were being played instead of the correct inserted .swf file.  This was due to the difference of running in locally from the hard drive and running the (seemingly) same course that I just uploaded.  Flash .swf files will pull from cache; it may not see or know where to go next or return to.

After I cleared my cache, it worked "as advertised".

Hope this helps.

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