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Mar 21, 2014

Does anyone have an example they could share that uses the view/test/try modes for a course teaching systems training? Or i guess teaching anything. I'm planning to develop some systems training using this method, but I need something developed to show how it works. 

I don't want to use the example. I just need to show someone within my company the potential. I've talked them through it, but a working example would be great! 


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Steve Flowers

Hi Jill,

What kinds of systems training are you thinking of? Like equipment or software? What types of tasks?

Here's an activity I put together about 12 years ago for some software training. These were hand-built using a framework I made. They came together pretty quickly (a couple of hours per activity).

Jill Blaser

The training will be internal software training. It will walk new patient care coordinators through the system they will use and show them how to create and work orders with the software.

I love the training example you did. I want to do something like that but then take it a little father. I was thinking about doing a narrated  screen recording of each step of an order. So begin with intake. Module 1 would be a recording of the intake process (using the view mode). Then the user will have to perform the intake process using the try or test modes.

To be honest, I don't know this feature in Storyline very well because I haven't used it yet.. But I have no doubt I can play with it and figure it out. I've only had myself (and this awesome forum) to learn Storyline. I know I saw some great example of training using the view/try/test feature about 6 months ago. I can't find those anywhere. I just want to show an example to the trainers I am working with to show them how my concept will work in action. I wanted to show those examples to the trainers I am working with so they could have a better idea of what I want to do. They only do instructor-led training right now and have no experience with Storyline. They seemed a little confused about the concept when I was trying to explain it. Probably just poor communicating on my part, but I think an example of the feature would be helpful. They were having a hard time seeing how the ILT could be replaced with something online. I think this system training is a perfect example of a time when online training can be more effective than ILT.

Holly MacDonald

Hi Jill - I think there's a lot of great attributes of Storyline for software training and ongoing performance support. I am working with a couple of clients right now to do this for their customer training. A couple of things that might be helpful to you as you head down your journey.

1. Audio can be helpful, but remember that you will have to modify these in the future and it may create challenges for you to maintain.

2. Consider how you might use the output for ongoing support as well. It may change how you build and package the final product.

Tim Slade did a great webinar sharing examples of the types of output here: 

And when you get down the road, Nicole wrote a helpful post on her blog about screen recording:

Techsmith also has great resources on screen recording

Hope that helps, reach out if we can be of further help.


Daniel Sweigert

Hi Jill, I have two software training examples I did and I included samples of them both in these my blogs below. This first one was about how to use the software/hardware on a handheld mobile device that we actually create for a large client:
And this one was to teach people how to use the player inside Pinnacle's video editing software (I did this one for one of David Anderson's e-learning challenges):

Let me know if you have any questions about either of these.


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