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Jan 20, 2017


My company just recently purchased Taleo Learn through Oracle and we are new to the LMS world.  We have never had an LMS and we are slowly figuring out what it does.  Is there any great resources out there that any of you would suggest to us that might teach us the in's and outs of Taleo Learn?  

Thank you in Advance!


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Bob S

Hi Tiffany,

Congrats on the new LMS.  I have some advice but admittedly I may be a bit biased; so forewarned.  :-)

Taleo Learn under Oracle is quite powerful in terms of the ability to create mirrored/cascading instances of the LMS.  It's also quite flexible in terms of interface customization by user/group/instance.  And the reporting suite is fairly robust in terms of what can be retrieved. And you can even customize roles (including admins) till your heart's content.  All good stuff.

On the flip side it is not all intuitive, nor well documented and human support was limited to entering tickets for techy issues only. Honestly (and I'm sorry), it would be one of the last choices I would ever recommend to anyone for their first LMS.

So to actually answer your question....

1) There used to be an admin community (forum) that had some activity. Have to wade through all the chaff, but there are a few knowledgeable admins there that can really help. It's Oracle sponsored so your project lead can get you signed up.

2) Oracle has scheduled webinar classes (their dates and topics, not yours) for LMS admins.  It can take a while for the topic(s) you want to be available, but some of the classes are worth it.

3) Spell out in nauseating detail what your implementation team and Oracle project lead will be doing to train and support you after roll out.  Assume nothing as they have a habit of holding to the letter of the agreement.

4) The vast  reporting suite was broken into two schemas; can't remember the name of the newest one but you will clearly see the division. The newer fancy dancy option purports to be easier, but if you have Excel folks on staff you may find the traditional reporting much easier to wrap your arms around - at least at first.

Finally... remember Taleo Learn has gone through a few ownership changes and with each there have been both product and support changes.  So if you decide to go with third party "experts" to support you in the short tem (not a bad choice btw), just make sure they are expert on the newest versions AND with working with Oracle to address issues.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but you did buy a very powerful platform. Hopefully some of the above will help you get the most out of it with the least amount of frustration.

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