Text entry references are showing up real tiny!

Oct 30, 2014

I'm working on a project where users will type notes on one page--to have the results show up on another at the end of the module (which ideally, they'll be able to print and/or email.)

However, I've found that if it's more than two lines of text, it shows up microscopically small on the results/reference page.  How can this be fixed so that users can enter as much text as they want?  (I feel like it's probably an easy tweak but can't figure out what it is, lol.)

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Vonetta Booker

Another workaround I've also found while playing around (since the text boxes can get a little wonky with the references):  

Instead of a text box, insert a rectangle shape instead, select "edit text", enter the reference code & then format things to your liking.  This way, there's no potential automatic resizing/shrinking of text, etc. :-)

Adele Sommers

Hi, Vonetta!  That's an interesting idea for using a shape instead of a text box to embed a variable reference! I'll have to try it out.

Also, you can stop the text from "auto-fitting" to the size of a text box by simply changing the text box properties. Select the text box, right-click to open the right-mouse menu, and select Format Shape. In the dialog box, select the Text Box tab at the bottom on the left side. In the right pane, you'll see options under Autofit, which include "Do not autofit," "Shrink text on overflow," and "Resize shape to fit text." Choose the option you want, such as "Do not autofit," to achieve the desired effect.

Adele Sommers

Matthew, I concur that it's very easy to forget about those settings, since they're sort of buried! I really wish they were more visible and accessible.

Wow, Vonetta, that's very interesting! If you're still seeing the resizing issue after changing those settings, I'm wondering if there might be a bug in the software related to the particular context in which you're using a text box. If there's no other explanation for it, perhaps you might want to submit a trouble ticket?

If there's some quirky combination of conditions that is causing the text box features to work incorrectly in your situation, it would be great if the engineers could analyze and resolve it in a future update. Ideally, that would prevent too many others from experiencing the same dilemma! :-)

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