Track results conditionally from one or another results slide?

We have a course that scatters quiz questions throughout, and tracks passing at 70%, as reported in a results slide.

If users don't get 70%, they can retake the quiz, via a link to another scene with copies of the questions (sequentially) and a new results page. We are setting it up this way so users don't have to watch the whole course again if they fail the quiz.

Problem is, tracking using quiz results is only allowing selection of one of the two results pages. If users take the second quiz, it won't reflect the quiz results.

Is there a way of having Storyline say - use results page 1, unless there are scores on results page 2 (and then use that one)?

Alternatively, is there a way to set this up so that the sequential quiz question results feed to results page 1 rather than 2? 

Hope this question wasn't confusing, and thanks in advance for the input!


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