This is a outstanding way to make your e-learning content

Nov 07, 2021

Dear Expert,

I run into a outstanding way elearning content for the math of grade 3, please see in my video. I Try to make the something similar but can't figure out the method. Is everyone have any ideas to make a elearnining content like this example

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Bianca Woods

Hi Linh,

That's such a fun example and one with a lot of different ways to engage with the content. An easy way to start figuring out how to make e-learning like this can be to look at each question individually and see which ones you could recreate using existing quiz question types.

For instance, you could make a question like this one in Storyline 360 using a Pick One Freeform Question. And if you wanted it to behave the same way, you just need to add some animations to that question type.

You could also consider using a slightly different approach than in the example. For instance, it would be easy to do something like this screen with a Text Entry Freeform Question or a fill-in-the-blank graded question. But instead of using on-screen buttons to type in the answer, the learner would use their keyboard (and that's probably an easier way to input numbers for them if they're accessing your e-learning on a computer).

The graded and freeform questions in Storyline 360 won't cover every interaction from this example, but there are so many ways they can be adapted to cover a lot of what's there. And once you have those ones out of the way quickly, you can concentrate on the few interactions that may require being built from scratch with triggers and variables.

Sarah Hodge

Interesting example, Linh! Storyline 360 has a ton of flexibility, so there’s probably a way to make some version of what you’re looking to do. Bianca gave some great suggestions. If you haven’t already checked it out, our Downloads hub has a ton of gaming examples you can download and use to help you get started. Here are a few examples that include elements you’re looking to include:

Display score

You also mentioned making the UFO move. You can make objects move with motion paths, but when answering a question, the moving motion might make it a bit harder to make a connection with so much going on. Here’s a similar example you can download and use that shows the connection between answers.

 I hope that gives you a few new ideas!