Thought I'd Share...PowerPoint eLearning Template

Mar 07, 2013

Hello Articulate Community...

I thought I'd share this. I was recently shopping in a Columbia outlet store and noticed the cool in-store graphics. I really liked the look and feel, so I thought I'd create a nice PowerPoint eLearning template...I've attached it to this post.

Here are a few screen shots...



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Tim Slade

Thanks for the kind words Helena. I assume you're referring to the Learning Objectives slide, correct? If so, I have two parts of animation happening here. In reality, the boxes with the numbers are separate objects from the ones that have the actual text on them. As you can see here...

So, what I did was first animate in the boxes with the numbers using the "rise up" animation. Then secondly, had the boxes with the text fade in over the numbers. This provides the effect of the numbers disappearing as the text appears. Here is what the animation pane looks like for this...the first three animations are the boxes with the numbers (with the rise-up animation), and the last three are the boxes with the text fading in over the boxes with the numbers.

I hope that answers your question. I may have over-explained it a bit...all in all, it's a really simple effect. Let me know if you have any other questions!



Helena Froyton

Hi Everyone,

My question is on slide #2 - Learning Objectives.  When you publish this slide, after the numbers have risen, they automatically fade allowing the words related to each item number to appear on the screen.  I would like to create it so that it is not automatic, causing the user to have to click on the number to actually be able  to view its related content.  Any suggestions on how to do this?


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