Tip: How to Format Storyline Text

May 13, 2014

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a quick trick I discovered on how to easily format text in Storyline with different spacing between each line and paragraph. Watch the video.

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Judy Nollet

Thanks, Jerson!  I knew that if I copied and pasted text from Word, Storyline would maintain the formatting. But I didn't know how to apply that formatting to other text. Now I do!

Of course, I still want Articulate to add better formatting options. We should be able to control leading and paragraph spacing within Storyline!

Jerson  Campos

Hi Michelle

No problem.  Copy your text into Microsoft Word. Apply line spacing and line indenting formatting as you like. Then highlight all the text, copy and paste it into Storyline. Don't paste it into any object or caption, just paste it. It will create a new text box with the text and keep the formatting. You can then format the background color, border color, text color, and font the way you like it.  Once you have set it up the way you like it. You can then copy and paste the entire formatting of the entire object. Select the object, press CTRL+Shift+C to copy the format,  then select another text box or shape with text in it and press CTRL+Shift+V to paste the format.  NOTE*  This wont work if you have different fonts, font sizes, line spacing in the same object.

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