Tips for managing projects (during the project)

Sep 01, 2016

There are so many templates and examples for starting elearning projects.  The e-Learning Heroes Downloads has needs analysis, project management, quality control, charters, etc.

I'm curious what tips/templates/thoughts anyone might have to share about the "during the development" phase of a project.  How do you keep track of all these documents?  How do you manage and keep track of the tasks you have to complete? Your SMEs?  What about your reviewers?

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Christy Tucker

I use different tools with different clients, depending on what they're used to. Usually it's Google Drive or Dropbox for sharing files, sometimes Basecamp. I have used Basecamp's to do lists, which are OK, but I find it hard to keep track of a whole project that way. Basecamp does email people their tasks and deadlines though, which can be helpful for SMEs and reviewers.

I'm fairly old school and often just use spreadsheets to manage tasks and deadlines. I'm generally working with small enough teams and projects that spreadsheets are a viable option.

For my personal to do list, I use Remember The Milk.

Bigger organizations usually use actual project management software, which is a better plan if the projects are too complex for spreadsheets. Trello is one tool I hear of from a lot of people. Other people have mentioned EasyProjects and Maven for PM tools.

I'm interested to hear what other people are using too.

Ashley Chiasson

Hmm. Let's see. For file management, I maintain meticulous (very type-a, unlike the rest of my life) file structures for all of my assets with a file naming convention. I then back everything up on Dropbox, Time Capsule, and an External Hard Drive (because I'm paranoid). I'll use Google Drives in a pinch, but it's not my preference.

I keep track of tasks the old fashioned way - by writing them down and then crossing them off. I've used PM software (Redbooth, Basecamp, Asana, Trello), but I prefer this method. 

SME notes go into Evernote.

Reviews are conducted in shared Excel doc.

Jackie Van Nice

Like Ashley, I keep the same folder/file structure for each project, version files up  early and often, and back everythingup 3 different ways (including off-site) every time I so much as take a break.

For project tasks I've used assorted project management tools  - including Trello - over time, but I'm happy to say that I'm back to using paper and pen to track tasks. :)

blair parkin

We are a new team so keeping it pretty simple. Task cards taped to a whiteboard. We may move to a digital version in the not too distant future but this is a good starting point. Set naming convention for file, with a project folder on our shared network that everything is moved into. Old versions are archived into a separate folder within the project folder.

malcolm swinton

Hi Tracy,

In 2009 I did a Prince2 project management course.  It's good to take a step back and get some type of qualification.  L&D/Training is usually lots of small projects.  If you can get a project management system that works for yourself, you will probably find the projects easier.  You also apply the concepts to other parts of your life.

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