Toggle Between Two Button Sets

I am working on a TV Production Switcher simulation. The switcher has two rows of 8 buttons, one row is labeled program and the other is preview. Each row is a button set. On a real switcher, there is a cut button that will toggle whatever is selected on preview and move it to program and at the same time move whatever is selected program to preview at the same time. I can accomplish either or, but have not figured out how to get both to trigger at the same time with a single cut button and a single click. Right now I am using two cut buttons but it is not realistic for the simulation. I have attached the file for the trigger masterminds out there. Feedback is appreciated.


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Allison LaMotte

Hi John,

I thinkĀ I understand what you're trying to do here. Have you tried moving all the triggers you have set up for the 2 cut buttons onto a single button? I tried doing that for just one of the triggers (the BLCK one). It seems like trigger order matters in this case, so when you move the triggers over, try to place both triggers for the same button next to each other.

I've attached my file so you can see if what I did works the way you want it to (note that you should be clicking on the Program CUT button when one or the other of the BLCK buttons are selected. I didn't set up all the triggers).

John Muehl

Hi Allison,

I appreciate your response. I have set up all of the triggers on the same button. It appears to work at first, however it seems as if the triggers cancel each other out. What I am ultimately trying to achieve is that when the cut button is clicked, whatever button is selected on preview will show as selected on program, and whatever button is selected on program will move to preview. For instance, suppose Camera 1 is selected on program and Bars is selected on preview. When the cut button is clicked, Bars will then be selected on Program and Camera 1 will be selected on preview. I hope this makes sense.