Too many directions/tips for learners before the module begins

Apr 25, 2011

Do you all send learners an email tip sheet, dedicate the first 3 slides to tips/suggestions to completing the module, and give tips/suggestions/instructions on the LMS/application page where they start the module?

While I know things need to be repeated sometimes, I feel like these tips are not for success with the module, but for the LMS/Application itself.  The problem being, some people time out because of various reasons: checking email, getting distracted, opening multiple browsers.

I'm now being asked to put 'tips' at the beginning of each module.  I am a tad bit frustrated by this thinking.  Can anyone give any insight as to what they would suggest?

Edited to add: is similar to what I'm talking about, and I can relate to it.  I guess my issue is the LMS itself causing issues, not Articulate.

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Justin Wilcox

One way to handle this is to create an Engage interaction with this information and include it as a tab in the player like this:

That way you aren't taking up time in the slides and making the information optional. If you really wanted people to have this information, though, I would actually have this information outside of the presentation on a web page so that they can view it before they launch the course.

Laura Lowden

Thanks for the suggestions.  We already have a Help Tab, but maybe we need to update it a bit.  I believe the issue is more with our homegrown LMS.  Instead of adding an additional slide, I've suggested changing the webpage that a learner would visit in order to click the link to a module they have to take.  I would make it more appealing than this (with graphics and shortened tips), but here is the mock-up.  Here are my before and after images.  I'm hoping this is the change we are going to make. 

I also thought of making a intro "how to start and finish a module and be credited with completion" video similar to an airline safety video.



Carrie Booth

Nope, you are not talking to yourself. This is a really nice display for help.... I was asked at work if Online training needed a "how to page" and used your example...

thanks for sharing!


Laura Lowden said:

Okay, I feel like i'm talking to myself a bit, but this might help someone else down the road.  I came up with the finalized solution, similar to my response above.  Here are the final "tips" on the log-in page.

Laura Lowden

Thank you Iain and Carrie!  I'm so glad you were able to use it as an example.  We are hoping this will drastically lower the amount (which is still a small percentage overall) of people who have trouble getting counted as having taken the training.  There will always be people that just won't want to take it and will just try to find problems with it, but we hope that this is more appealing to people than reading a bulleted email with tips.


Phil Mayor

Hi Laura

In our latest course, we are incorporating three help/navigation slides, Our first slide gives basic information on the next/back buttons (we use a custom skin) and then they have the choice to get more navigation info if they want it, if they click they hyperlink they see the next two slides, if they just click next they skip the slides


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