Too Many Tables

Dec 15, 2021

I have a lot of information to convey.  While it is natural to organize and present the information in tables I want more diversity in presentation.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Thaddeus Ashcliffe

The course that I am building is explain and help with the utilization of the
CDC's Recommended Immunization Schedules.

There is a lot of multi-factor information that i need to convey; like dose and time for different vaccines.

My sources make heavy use of tables, some of which I am directly referencing in the course.

Sarah Hodge

Thanks for sharing more project details, Thaddeus! I don't recall seeing any examples on the topic, but there are a few examples that have some interactive concepts you can use to engage learners. If you're looking for ways to create interactive tables, these examples might give you some new ideas: 

If you're looking to do something entirely different, this article has some options for creating engaging interactions. Hopefully, that gives you some more ideas! I'm interested to see if anyone in the community has created something similar to what you're looking for.