Tool chain for text heavy elearning & online training...?

Oct 31, 2011


I want to build a toolset for creating fairly text-heavy online training. The course content content will be primarily short HTML documents (or any other rich text format), with images and other extra content embedded. Like this:

It won't ALL be as bad as this...

I need a set of tools that will enable me to chain those pieces of content together into a system that trainees can navigate (with a decent course structure that divides the whole course into sessions, sections, etc.), and that keeps track of their progress as they work through the course. Their progress should also be reported back to a SCORM LMS.

I can't find tools that will do this. Articulate doesn't appear to be suitable because it focuses on visual screens, not scrollable segments of rich text. Adobe's elearning suite looked promising, but I can't see any way that it offers what I'm trying to do here: take simple pages of HTML and build a navigation interface around them automatically. Maybe I'm missing what it can do...? Or maybe there's another tool that can help...?

I don't feel like I'm asking for much here... it's not complicated stuff, or is it?


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David Barnes

I had a play with the Adobe Elearning Suite online trial, which includes Dreamweaver. I couldn't find anything like a "navigator" that I could drop HTML files into. There were various elearning course examples created in Dreamweaver but they all seemed to have navigation integrated with the content.

If I'm missing something, I'm all ears. I'll keep fiddling with the trial.

David Barnes

Thanks Kevin.

Yeah RoboHelp looks promising, but I'd sacrifice the SCORM angle and also I think the freedom to add more creative kinds of content later.

What I want is something that'll take the RoboHelp style content and let me package it as a SCORM-compliant course that trainees work through, and where managers can see who's completed what modules and so on.

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