Tool to predesign Storyline structure

Jul 14, 2016

Hello !

I was wondering if you use a particular tool to organize scenes, slides with its medias, triggers, actions, etc. as a way to structure the subsequent design with storyline. I usually draw this in a paper to have the 'overall picture' of what the product could be, but I guess that some specific mock-up tools could help a lot.


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Kelly Meeker

Hi Carles! Lots of folks use a storyboarding approach to organize content and flow before developing their courses in Storyline. Here's a bit more info on how that might look: 

Hopefully some community members will jump in with their best practices and suggestions as well! 

Todd Wheeler

Hi, if you have access to a smartboard, it's a great tool. Think of the flexibility of a whiteboard to present to stakeholders, with the ability to save and send to your PC/laptop. Very handy. I find drawing it up and explaining the flow of navigation to people helps them better visualise how things are going to work. Also, being able to erase content like planned images and buttons and put them elsewhere on the slides is great. As you probably know, clients can get pedantic about some things you'd never thing of :) Having them voice their preference clearly in the design phase saves so much time editing later. Cheers

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Carles!

Good question. It depends on what kind of learning object I'm designing, but usually I'll sketch out my ideas on paper first, then do a fully-functional prototype in Storyline with all design elements included. Normally - thank goodness - I don't have to storyboard the courses I design since I'm also building them - but in the rare instances I have to, I'll do it in PowerPoint.

I hope that helps a bit. Good luck!


Phil Mayor

Hi Carles

Like Jackie for large courses I sketch them out.  I use a Bamboo Spark to do this so I can save all my sketches and then bring the images into storyline.

If it is a short course I will build a rapid prototype in storyline. 

I rarely ever use any other tool, if a storyboard is required I will often build directly into Storyline as it saves me and the client time and money in the long term.

Veronica Budnikas

I'm the same as Jackie and Phil, in the majority of cases I sketch on paper and then do a working, but nor perfect, prototype directly in SL. I've found this approach works much better with clients as they can experience very quickly a taste of what the full product will be, without having to do a full blown storyboard.

When required I also use PPT. Although I hardly ever import from PPT into SL, I think it's handy to set the PPT screen size to the same size as your SL, in case you decide to import.

I have not used this personally, but someone (I can't remember who, sorry!) recommended this SB-ing tool: 


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