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Feb 26, 2019

I've seen some general topics on this, but trying to see if anyone has had success creating a complex checklist that can reside on LMS

Scope: A detailed checklist for the employee's on boarding process for the position.

Control: Supervisors would be able to check off items as they are completed (possibly initial and time stamping?) and the checklist residing on the employees account in the LMS


Anyone have any success creating something like this, and any links for articles about using Articulate or storyline to create?  The only articles I have found seem pretty simple, or pulling from completion of courses.


(I would like to be able to update this so that the completion of courses could communicate to fields and check them off like completing an e-learning course, but that may be out of my abilities at this point using an LMS that supports SCORM) 


Thanks for any input, help, or guidance

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Ian Crook

I don't see a way to really do this cleanly if the data is required to be stored on the LMS.

You could make each line item a training material that the manager/supervisor marks as complete for the user. That way you collect the user, who marked it complete, and a timestamp.

What LMS are you currently working with? That may help find solutions

Robert Huffer

Docebo is our LMS. I'm not positive on the full scope.  In my opinion, you would want the supervisor to sign off, but it seems like the checklist would need to reside under the employee, and be a "course" or "module" that they checkoff with date.  I'm not seeing how another user could sign off on a task.  Then I'm not sure the employee signing off on their own tasks will suffice.


Plus, it would have to be in a way that the user could not change the sign off of a task at some future point.


Wasn't sure if anyone else has done a checklist that has worked via storyline.

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