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Have a series of checklists, like onboarding tasks, that I need users to be able to work through. I need for them to be able to go into the checklist, check things off, then move to the next checklist. They should be able to jump between the checklists, but when they log out of the LMS, I would like for that progress to be saved. I cannot figure out how to make that work. Any advice/help? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Catherine,

If a button is in a Visited state (that is, it's been clicked) when the user exits a course, it will be in that state when the user returns. That info is part of the suspend/resume date that's sent to the LMS for storage when a user exits. 

The suspend/resume data also holds the value of variables. So you could also track some progress with variables. How you would do that depends on how your course is set up and what exactly you want to track. You can find out more about variables here: 

Sarah Hodge

Hi Catherine! Great question! Judy's idea of using visited states is a great idea. The only thing I'd add is that Storyline 360 only sends information about the objects states to your LMS when the learner advances to another slide, so you may want to add a SAVE button to ensure progress is saved. Allison LaMotte wrote this article on this very topic. It goes into more detail and even includes a free download! 🙂

Judy Nollet

I'm glad you added that info, Sarah. I didn't know that the states wouldn't be saved on the slide the user exits from. It's good to know there's a workaround for that. But it's too bad that requires adding a button and instructions to the interactive slide, as well as an extra slide in the course. 

Does the user have to jump to another slide for SL to save the new value of a variable?