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Sep 06, 2012

Do we need to provide internet facility during training session for trainee especially corporate training?

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Bob S

In a word... yes.

While every company is going to have different needs of course, but it's hard to imagine building a training facility today that would not provide internet access.

  • So many learning opportunities rely on the net....  research mini-tasks, case studies, knowledge scangenger hunts, etc
  • So many corporate systems need to be demonstrated via the net....  the corp HR site, the corp Communication Portal, etc
  • So many MORE products that need to be demonstrated are going to require access to the net in the future... refridgerators with net access, software that won't run without net access, etc
  • So many new portals and services are being introducted that rely on the net... your comapnies new customer-facing jewelry matcher, your comapnies new customer-facing telephone bundle decision maker, etc

All of those things and more will not be available for your learners without net access. So in a word.... Yes, you need to plan ahead and provide your learners with the ability to access the net.

Hope this helps,


Bruce Graham

In a 

It all depends on whether you need it, and whether the "rules" allow it.

There are many UK companies/training facilities which still ban student access to the internet and which function perfectly well, mostly governmental-related sites.

Your original question stated internet. Bob's example above almost all pertain to the Internet, yet many could be brought into the Corporate Intranet, a completely different thing.

It all comes down to exactly what you want to do, how you plan to do it, but it is perfectly possible, with simulations, replicated sites etc. to run a training department without INTERNET access.


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