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Ray Cole

I always come back to: what is the "ask"? That is, what is your sales team asking people to do with these reports? Under what circumstances would someone need to run a report to get the information he or she needs?

The course can introduce the reports briefly, but most of the course could be structured around various realistic job challenges that salespeople can only solve by running the correct report and then reading it correctly to get the necessary information to solve the challenge.

By focusing on what learners are supposed to do with the reports, you avoid the trap of making the course be about the reports. Make the course about the learners instead, with a focus on how running and reading these reports can help them solve problems they genuinely face in their real jobs.



Bob S

Hi Danielle,

As Ray says, it' s all about what do you want them to be able to do with the reports. To that end, you might it a bit personal...  Consider an exercise where these sales people/sales managers rang their top 3-5 pain points, and then show how to use the reports to address them.

Example for sales managers... If one of their pain points is diagnosing a closing issue with a team member, show them how they might use the reports to see flag that.

So you will want to sit with your SMEs and figure out who is using these reports most successfully today and how. That's a great starting place and you can fill in gaps from there.

Hope this helps!