How are you using user generated content (UGC)?

Sep 03, 2019

User-generated content (UGC) is any kind of content that's been created and shared by the user of a product. Sounds pretty nifty, but how does this concept apply to training?

Here's one example: let's say I'm trying to get my sales force trained on a new sales process. I might create a basic sales process course and then after it's been rolled out, ask for some sales team testimonials about what they learned and how it’s boosted their performance. Now I can use that UGC to promote my next sales course and to demonstrate how other sales folks are finding success with training. 

That's just one example, of course. I'm sure there are plenty of other, more creative uses for UGC in training. And that's where you come in! Have you used UGC like testimonial videos, blog posts, or other content in your training? If so, how?

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Judy Nollet

One of my clients is a company the requires all employees to complete annual compliance training. For some courses, we asked employees (via the company's social media) to submit videos. On year, we even held a contest, and all those who submitted a video were entered into a raffle. This generated some buzz before the training rollout.

We always specified what we were looking for (e.g., Complete the sentence "Because I believe in quality, I ___"). We used the best videos throughout the course to enliven the typical compliance content. Got lots of great feedback on this.

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