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Hi all!

I'm on the search for a template or ideas on how to simulate a "scheduling" course. Basically I need to be able to provide my learner with multiple scenarios, tasks, items, etc. and they'll need to make a mock schedule of how they would successfully juggle everything say in a month. This is as real-life as it gets because they really will be responsible/are responsible for doing this. Does anyone have any tips/templates that I could at least start with for this? Just thought I'd ask before I re-invent the wheel from scratch if I don't have to!

Thank you!!

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Allison LaMotte

Wow, that sounds really cool! I haven't seen anything exactly like that here on ELH, but I'm imagining a drag and drap interaction where you have a calendar and the learner drags the items to the correct spots on the calendar. The difficulty I see here is that there are potentially several "correct" answers, so you'd have to decide how you want to handle that.

I made this interactive training schedule template a little while back that could maybe serve as a jumping off point.

Hope that helps! I'm interested to see what other ideas other community members have here.