Translating Articulate courses - sending files for translation

Does anyone have tips/best practices for getting Articulate courses translated? The organization I'm working with needs to translate any courses developed into French. It seems like the ability to publish Presenter, Engage, and Quiz files as Word documents would be a helpful tool. We could create Word documents, and then send those to the translator.

Who else has had experience with this? What has worked for you? What tips/suggestions do you have to streamline this process?


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sue, we put the onscreen text and the audio narration in the PowerPoint notes.

We use square brackets to document instructions or any other information that is not to be translated and then publish the output as Articulate Word doc. 

[on screen text]

bla, bla, bla

[audio narration]

bla, bla,bla 

Hemant Agarwal

I have been working on 12 languages in Articulate .

I found use of onscreen Powerpoint for translated language and the corresponding English ( as thats our base language)

in Notes..

So you end up having one presentation for all languages and just changing Powerpoint text.

Fast and neat.

Quiz and Engage can be done similar way to maintain the slides..

Let me know if you think this suits..



Alexandre Aufrere

Good morning Susan,

When I translate an Articulate module to french for clients, I use Dropbox to tranfer the files ( Powerpoint, Engage, quizmaker, etc) back and forth. This way I can create a french version using Articulate, which will be as true to the original as possible.

The challenge of translating a module from a "published to Word" document is you don't have the true feel of the client's module and the original concept can be lost in translation. The french language requires more words than english to say the same thing and there may be difficulties fitting it all on a slide. Some tweeking is often required, which is the fun part!

Dropbox is my tip... 

Kimberly Greaney

Hi all,

I work for a translation service provider and am a very new user of Articulate. I am working on a project to translate the source English file to French.

We are pulling the text for translation from the XML-Engage-data files. This has worked fine, the problem I now have is to relink the Engage Interactions to the translated French PowerPoint file so that the roll-overs will now reflect the translated text.

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this task?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.