Trigger a Button based on Closing a Lightbox slide

Oct 17, 2017

Hi everyone - looking for some help on how to add a trigger to the action of closing a lightbox slide.  Here's the situation: I have a base layer with 6 other layers.  When the user clicks an object on the base, a layer shows.  On the layer is a question with multiple answers.  The user clicks one of the answers which prompts a lightbox slide to open (similar to a feedback slide).  And here's what I want to happen next: when the user closes the lightbox slide, it triggers a Continue button to show on the layer (basically, change state from hidden to normal) so the user can click the Continue button which closes the layer and return to the base layer.  Any idea on how to add a trigger where closing the lightbox changes the state of the Continue button on the layer? Thanks for your help!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Lori,

I don't see "when the lightbox closes" as an option when I choose "change state of" as the action. Is there a reason you're putting your questions on layers instead of on slides? If you had each question on a separate slide you could just use the default feedback layers, which would make this a bit easier.

If you feel like you absolutely need to have you questions on layers and use lightboxes for feedback, one option would be to add a button to the lightboxed slide that closes the lightbox and goes to the base layer. In that case you should add a continue button to the layer as well in case the learner closes the lightbox by clicking on the X. Otherwise they could get stuck on the layer.

I hope that helps!


Lori Morgan

Thanks everyone.  The interaction activity was built around a base layer background where the user was interacting with various objects on the screen which lent itself better to using the layers rather than using separate slides and the client really wanted the look of the lightbox (I know you can use layers to create a lightbox look too but trying to keep things simplified by using the standard lightbox function). Sean's suggestion actually did the trick exactly as needed.

Thanks again for all of your help!

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