Trigger: Show layer when state of x is y or z

Jun 28, 2017

Hey everyone,

I've been working on a project that's been posing some problems. The perfect solution would be a trigger that says 'Show layer x when the state of an object is y OR z, but since such a trigger doesn't excist, I desperately need a workaround.

The Drag & Drop slide that this problem occurs on, is added as an attachment below. It's in Dutch, but that shouldn't cause any trouble.

As you can see, the seven drag items have two possible states. 'Drop correct' occurs when an item has been dropped correctly (as one might expect) but the bright orange 'Al goed' state occurs only after the user presses 'check' and the item turns out to be in the right place (ergo: had the 'drop correct' state before). It's really important to have these two states, because it shows the learner which items were already in the correct spot and which items are placed incorrectly.

I would expect the 'Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted' option (in the drag & drop options wizard) to be the solution, but even when that box is ticked, it doesn't seem to do anything: if I change the 'drop correct' state to bright orange and I drop an item correctly, the item changes color right after dropping it.

I really need a way to make the 'check juist' layer appear when the state of ALL seven drag objects are 'Drop correct' OR 'Al goed' (since both states mean an item has been dropped correctly). I have tried everything (as far as I know) but to no avail. Is there anyone who can help me?

Thanks in advance,


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Mara,

I had a look at your file and I think I've solved the problem.

It looks like you added triggers to make the drop states work, but you actually don't need to do that. They work automatically when the item is dropped in the correct or incorrect zone. That's why the "delay" button wasn't working -- because you were forcing the states with those triggers. 

I noticed that you deleted the submit button but didn't see any other object being used to submit the interaction. I added it back on because in order for the "delay" to work you need to have some sort of button to click on. You can change it to be an on-screen button if you'd like, but you can't just delete that trigger.

I created 2 versions of your interaction: one with the states that appear immediately, and one where they're delayed. You'll find my file attached.

Hopefully that helps! If not, let me know. :)