Triggers/Conditions - Hollywood Squares Game

I am trying to build a game playing against the computer (tic-tac-toe).  The player picks a square, which triggers to layer asking a question.  The player answers correctly and returns to the game board.  I added triggers to change the state to show X (visited) and gray-out the figure, which indicates this square was already chosen.  

Button status: Normal (not played), Visited (played by X) or Disabled (played by O)

The game board also has a button for the computer's turn (O).  The player selects this button and I built the trigger to select one of the squares for O.   The trigger changes the button state to disabled under the condition the button state was normal.  I believe I will need a second step here too.  Where to tell he program to go next if the button state was visited.  (tricky part because you don't know where the player will go next)

I believe I am on the right path, but can't pass the finish line.  Any help would be appreciated.  I added notes to the course to help guide you.   :)  Thank you!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Darlene. Tic Tac Toe is one of those games that's a bit maddening to work through, isn't it? It's deceptively challenging to build since you need to track whose turn it is, and what state to change each square to. It can end up feeling like a lot of work for such a simple game!

You might want to save yourself a little agony and go the reverse engineering route using an existing Tic Tac Toe project from the community. I like using this approach see how another designer successfully worked out the game mechanics. I found two downloads you might to check out that are very similar to your project: This download from Amy Lamb and this one from Craig Dickinson are both inspired by Hollywood Squares. Hopefully one of these will help get you pointed in the right direction.

Best wishes on your project!