Triggers in Storyline


I create a game where each object has more than 60 triggers. 

I wonder if there is an easy way to copy and paste more than one trigger at a time. Also, is it possible to export the triggers to notepad (or something similar) make the changes with copy-paste and import them again? What I try to do should take few minutes with copy and paste - now it takes hours.

Many thanks for your time,


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Nancy Woinoski

Hmm, don't think you can export triggers to notepad. Maybe your best option would be to create a slide with all your triggers on it and then copy this slide as a starting point for creating any new slides that need the triggers. You could then delete any of the triggers that do not apply to that specific screen.

Vassiliki Bouki

Many thanks for your reply. This is what I do (it would have been insane to create all the triggers from scratch in each slide) but it is such a wast of time. If there was the option (at least to copy and paste more than one trigger each time) it could have taken us 1/10 of the time required now. In any case, many thanks for your time.