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Jan 16, 2018

Hi all, 

After seeing this awesome tutorial by JamesKingsley I was looking for an opportunity to use Google Docs to create a leaderboard in my courses. 

Last week, one of my managers suggested creating a Trivia Quiz and sharing it with our community. I knew it was the time to create that leaderboard. Honestly, I was a little reluctant since it needs some coding. However, I managed to do it very quickly by following the steps shown. Futhermore I could also customize the code a little. It was a small step for most designers, but one giant leap for me :)

I think there are a few more changes on design that need to be done,  but I couldn't stop myself sharing it with you. 

Enjoy it!


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Becky Santucci

HI Ridvan,

I was wondering if you could help me?   I located the other Trivia game you created and suggested I download.  For the 5 questions I used question banks so the questions would change up each time but now I have a dilemma.  If I put a trigger on the slide to go back to the gameboard then when you hit submit it goes back to the game board instead of to the next question.  I noticed you were using on the game board slide a trigger to go to the next question in a topic based on adding a number.  I wasn't sure how to do that with a question bank.  Have you done this kind of trigger on a question bank?

Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Becky, 

I would love to help, just I'm not sure if I understood utterly what you want to make , sorry for that. 

The first thing I thought is the order of the triggers may cause it.  I used triggers to control the question bank. Let's say, I want the game to end if the player makes three mistakes. I created a score for it and put a trigger to next button. 

First trigger of the button is to move to the next question, and there is another command; jump to the result slide if the mistake score equals to three. 

Could you share the story file? It would be easier to help for me. 

Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Becky, 

I added a few things to your story and now it goes back to the gameboard after the player answers five questions. 

First, I deleted "hide this layer" trigger from the correct and incorrect slides. 

Second, I created a new variable (it is just for Quiz 3) to keep the number of the questions answered. If the score is 5, it jumps back to gameboard. 

You need to create variables for each question bank and copy-past the continue button, then change the Quiz3 variable with the new ones. The order of the triggers is important. If you say hide this layer first and jump to next slide second, it will first hide the layer and goes to the main slide, but not to the next slide since it can't see the second command. 

Hope these helps. If not, please let me know. I'm sure we can figure out a new way.  

Becky Santucci

I can’t say thank you enough!! I really appreciate you helping me out on this.

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Becky Santucci

Now I have another problem with it and I stumbled across it when I downloaded the original version.  I am able to get through one section of the trivia questions and it goes back to the game board, then I go to the next section and it will work but then when I go to a third one I get this spinning wheel and the course doesn't move forward.  I have also experienced it when I select Section 1, Section 2 but when I go to 3 it doesn't work.  I just previewed the course and did Section 5 & 6 and then went to 1 and got the spinning wheel.  Any ideas?  I am attaching the course again and I am curious if it happens to anyone else.

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