Tutorial: Create cool character bubbles in PowerPoint or Storyline

Nov 25, 2014

Hey Guys and Gals,

Just wanted to share a little trick I use when I need to crop my characters a bit and don't want them to end up looking like a victim of a magician trick gone wrong. This little effect is easy to create in PowerPoint or Storyline and helps ground the character to the slide instead of making them look like they are floating in the air.

Here is link to the video blog.

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michelle eames

Hi, matt

i know and appreciate how much effort Jerson puts in and he has been very helpful if the past, especially as some of the free stuff he has given the community is blocked at my place of work from downloading and he has been very generous then.

perhaps I didn't phrase it well but I wondered if it was just something as simple as 'crop to shape' or group and paste special.




Jerson  Campos

Hi Michelle,

I've been wanting to start creating written tutorials with my videos, but time wasn't on my side for this one.  I was in the same boat as you where youtube wasn't allowed in my workplace, but I was able to get access to it by putting in a request to my IT department. The reason I told them I needed access to youtube was to view tutorials (like mine) on the software I use.

But here are the steps in a nut shell:

1. Place your character on the slide, copy and place a duplicate exactly over the previous character.

2. Hide the duplicate character(top one)

3. Crop the first character two square. Pay attention to how the limbs or head are cropped.

4. In PowerPoint or Storyline, go to format, and in the picture shape option select a shape you would like to use. I like using the circle. 

5. Modify the image by adding a fill, border, or shadow if you like.

6. Unhide the duplicate image and crop from the bottom. Crop it enough so that it looks like the duplicate and the image below it are the same.  (See original post image above)


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