Understanding Best Practice

Hi Everyone!

I hope you can help me out with my question! I've just started with eLearning design and need a bit of guidance on what the best practice is for creating courses.

I've read that courses shouldn't contain any navigation, and that it should be handled by the player. (see attached Story file).

Is what I've created ok? or should the main menu and the next buttons on each slide be removed? If so is this because they won't work in SCORM 1.2?

Is there a resource for best practice?

Thanks in advance!


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Phil Mayor

There is no attached file.

I don't think there is any best practice on navigation, you can use the player navigation (The player for articulate refers to the frame surrounding the slide so includes the menu and the navigation buttons.)

Or you can remove the player nav and use on slide navigation where you create your own buttons. This is more personal preference than best practice, but does produce a better aesthetic.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Kevin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 

As Phil mentioned, you have a few options when it comes to navigation. You can check out these 3 Easy Ways to Customize the Look of Your Navigation in Storyline. If you decide custom navigation is the way to go, here are some tips for building quick and easy custom navigation. Hope that helps!