USB Headset with microphone only

Jan 20, 2014

I'm looking for a USB headset microphone for recording voices on Articulate Storyline.

I used already a Logitech and the quality was pretty good, but my speakers told me that it was a bit uncomfortable to have the headset over the ears for a longer time.

What I'm searching now is a headset which has a microphone only. Like they have in TV or on events, but with USB connector. Unfortunately I can't find anything like this.

Has anyone an idea? Thanks!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Stefan! Could a small desktop mic be an option for you? I used a Blue Snowball for years and it was great.  It is small and pretty portable and very easy on the ears. 8-)   Plus they tend to make better recordings than most headset mics. 

There is a great set of demos of various microphones here that might also be helpful. 

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