Use QR Codes to Bring Training Anywhere

Sep 25, 2012

Good morning eLearning geniuses!

I created a new blog post about how to use QR Codes in training. The idea that started this: Let's say I have a printed Quick Reference Guide that has step-by-step instructions and is posted somewhere away from a computer (maybe a salesperson on the go, a warehouse, a sales floor, etc.). If a QR Code is added to the Quick Reference Guide, it could be scanned by a smart phone or tablet and a video showing the steps in action could automatically start playing. If you've ever read step-by-step instructions and thought "huh?", you'll understand why it would be awesome to have those steps shown in a quick video clip, etc. outside of an eLearning course.

If this sparks your interest, check out the blog post here and maybe you can think of an even cooler way to use the QR Code!

Keepin' the joy,

Patti Bryant

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