User Interface Training

Oct 24, 2017

Does anyone have a template/example for creating training around a new internal user interface?

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Dave Goodman

Depends - do you want to train on UI/UX, color theory, screen design and page layout, use of logos,pixels around logo and borders, legal issues, font size and typeface by usage within a screen, use/non-use of photos, images, clipart, illustrations, 508 compliance, diversity within  design, audio quality, screen sequence (must have LO screen, timing, intro/welcome or is it free flow) etc. The list goes on...Are your end users instructional designers with design experience or are you teaching beginners? Glad to help, just provide some specific needs as an example. If i am offbase and lost, just say thanks Dave and have a good weekend! Regards.

Dave Goodman

One suggestion - divide the training into two parts: 1. list out in a menu fashion all of the required functionality of the new app/UI. This menu structure will have very brief explanations and then show an app sim for that function. Think of a left hand menu structure showing 20-40 feature/function titles. Your learners can walk their way through each function. 2. Come up with some mnemonics, e.g.  responding to a new customer application might be ACES -the correct functions might be open Application ,Create basic customer info, Extend info about services and Sell other services. The menu could be broken down with the  clusters of mnemonics with each subcategory of the app feature. Provide test cases, e.g., customer is calling complaining about X, what mnenonic would you think, then name and do the features one step at a time. Do these as drills. Create a job aid with the same drills with recommended process steps.

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