Using AI to generate content in Community Blogs (like E-Learning Heroes)

Sep 25, 2023

I can't be the only person here that has noticed the increasing use of AI to generate content in the discussions on this site. I was following one thread recently and it was abundantly clear that at least three of the posts in the discussion were pretty much straight out of Chat GPT. They had been edited but it is not difficult, if you use AI a lot, to recognise content that has been generated by an AI engine.

Don't get me wrong, I use AI extensively to research the content I create in a number of situations and, used correctly, I truly believe AI can enhance the scope and depth of content and that can be useful on discussion sites like this.

BUT, there is a danger. I use this site because there are some highly skilled and very creative members whose expertise, original thoughts and ideas I value highly. If the site were to become saturated with AI generated content it could seriously impact the quality and usefulness of the discussions I enjoy and get so much from.

Can we please have some editorial input and guidelines on the use of AI here?

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John Cooper

Before some other member beat me to it, I asked ChatGPT "What threat does AI pose to original content on community blog sites." Here's what it said:

AI can pose a threat to original content on community blog sites in several ways:

  1. Plagiarism: AI-powered tools can be used to automatically generate content by scraping or rewriting existing articles, potentially leading to plagiarism and a proliferation of unoriginal material. This can undermine the value of unique and authentic content created by users.

  2. Content duplication: AI algorithms used for content recommendation may inadvertently promote duplicate or highly similar content, making it difficult for original content to gain visibility. Users may see the same topics or articles repeatedly, reducing the incentive to create something new.

  3. Content saturation: The widespread use of AI-generated content can lead to content saturation, where there is an overwhelming amount of information on similar topics. This can make it challenging for original content creators to stand out and gain recognition.

  4. Reduced incentive for creators: If AI-generated content becomes prevalent and competes with human-created content, it may discourage original content creators from participating on the platform, as they may feel their efforts are less valued or less likely to be seen.

  5. Quality control: AI-generated content may not always meet the same quality standards as content created by humans. If low-quality AI-generated content is allowed to proliferate, it can dilute the overall quality of the platform's content.

Which, ironically, was exactly the point I was trying to make...

Sarah Hodge

Thanks for your post, John! I hear you. We've noticed that as well and have been trying to remove comments, such as those since it goes against our community guidelines. You can read more about our guidelines here. We also encourage anyone in the community to use the “Report” button beneath any forum post or comment to flag it for review by Articulate staff. Thank you for being a part of our community and for caring enough to let us know!