Using Articulate Studio for At-the-Line Manufacturing Training

Aug 02, 2013

Has anyone used Articulate Studio to develop e-learning solutions which are accessible to manufacturing employees directly at the production line? I'm looking to do that with my company and would like to benchmark some successful implementations of this. Thank you.

Shawn Szymanski

Training Facilitator, Allsteel

Muscatine, Iowa

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Dave Goodman

Shawn - can you provide some intents of your training? Are you doing action step training, full process training, safety or maintenance, etc? Studio is one step above Rise but has some built in interaction libraries to make your work easier and IMO a better choice than Rise. Your difficulty might become in matching your worker audience's abilities, education and expectations. Will a Studio outcome be sufficient for your need, will it hold their attention, will the JIT aspects meet your needs. Don't shy away from using some smartphone videos in your course as well as some simple augmented reality of your equipment training.  We have many Studio examples but we normally develop in Studio for process step training using photos with image tags and step pop-up boxes for info. Here is a reduced demo link of some Storyline 2 manufacturing training. Please forgive the briefness of the training but we had to remove the majority of the content.

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