Manufacturing based characters, images, etc.

I've been looking at a lot of the recommended free images, characters, etc. and haven't found a ton of great content for when your audience is 90% manufacturing employees. You lose a lot of credibility when the average demographic is blue collar males 25-50 and you start throwing images of Atsumi in a conference room in your training.


Does anybody have any recs as to where to turn for great characters/pics in a manufacturing world?

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Jerson  Campos

Hi Gloria, 

What are you looking for?  Illustrated or Photographic?  If you need something specific like clothing, safety gear, or colors you are gonna have a hard time looking for this in stock sites.  I've created a couple of custom characters for different companies. You can look at my website and check out my character packs.  

Macy Frost

I actually was looking for more photogenic but I have favorite your site in case I need some illustrated industrial character packs. (Those look great, btw... great job not just having a white male is the only industrial option!!)

You were right.. I had a hard time finding photogenic industrial characters in free stock sites. I found eLearning Art had a decent amount of industrial photogenic characters for anyone finding this thread down the road and wishing I posted an update!

Macy Frost

What I do is save the character with "full resolution" selected under the resolution drop down box. This seems to help. 95% of the characters have this option and are okay because of it. I've only found a handful of people in particular poses that were too blurry to use. A few of the Anita poses, if I remember correctly, were not usable but otherwise I've been okay.